Ice Stamp

Enhance the recognition of your business by choosing a custom stamp! We make ice stamps, heat stamps and ice press, with the logo of your business, which we can imprint on any surface you wish. You can decorate ingredients such as ice, fruit, bread for burgers, chocolate, leather, wood etc. and impress every guest!

By investing in one of the above products, you upgrade the aesthetic result of your products, making them even more impressive and attractive to the consumer, and effectively promote the image of your business.

All our products fully comply with the requirements of hygiene standards and regulations. We use materials and production processes that are perfectly permissible for metals that come in contact with food, such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel and special brass alloys.

We provide the ability to design a 3D (3D) display, before the construction of the final product, to select the stamp that will meet 100% of the standard of your business and aesthetics.




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ICE STAMP Features:

Metal hand stamp, made of anodized aluminum (FOOD SAFE) for a flat ice surface. For its effective operation, the seal must necessarily be used in combination with a flat ice surface. The recommended diameter for the seal is 50mm (mm = millimeters), unless you want another size and the ice surface should not be smaller than the surface of the seal, preferably use ice equal to or greater than 50mm x 50mm. The depth of the logo for the ice will be 4mm.


The seals consist of:

Made of oak wooden handle in natural wood color or in black color (Ebony) and from metal contact base, made of FOOD SAFE anodized aluminum, which is available in natural color aluminum (silver) and gold.


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